Les Chevaliers Le Film (The Sky Fighters)

Les Chevaliers, english for Sky Fighters, though more literal translation is “The knights of the sky” is french directors Gérard Pirè 2005 movie about air force pilots. The movie is based on Tanguy et Laverdure, which is a popular french comic series from 1967-1969, where 2 heros Tanguay and Laverdude were made into the french culture. The sky fighters stars: Géraldine Pailhas, Clovis Cornillac and Benoît Magimel. It had a budge of excess of 19 Million Euro.

The movie starts out an international exhibition of aircraft technology, were new French Mirage 2000, latest generation french airplane is stolen. Two young air force men, Antoine “Walk’n” Marchelli and Sebastian “Fahrenheit” Vallois, are assigned find the aircraft. They discover the stolen plane is flying hidden under Qatar Airways commercial flight. The pilots order the stolen airplane to return to base but instead the Mirate attacks them. Walk’n then shoots down the enemy plane, saving his partners life. The 2 pilots are accused of wrong doing because the “special missions” leader forged the evidence, they are then dismissed for not following orders, but that’s only the beginning.